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We offer an extensive selection of doors and windows in order to meet your taste. Selections such as Andersen®, Loewen®, MVP®, Pella®, Therma-Tru®, Simpson®, Rogue Valley®, and Velux® doors and windows, to name a few.


From Andersen® we offer their A-Series, E-Series, 400 Series, 200 Series and 100 Series.

The A-Series collection is designed for those who are looking for a unique architectural design in their home. This collection is designed to make remarkable window and door combinations effortless while still having a high quality window or door that is energy efficient and weather resistant.

The E-Series collection is for those who want to create their own windows and doors. They are completely customizable from the color, size, shape and wood.

The 400 Series is the most popular collection offered by Andersen®. With over 100 million windows installed, no other windows and doors are in more homes than the Andersen 400 series. This series of windows and doors are weathertight, high quality and easy to install.

The 200 Series collection is made up of Andersen’s best-selling sizes and most sought-after options. They are high quality windows at a great value.

The 100 Series collection is designed for those building an energy efficient home who are looking for a great value. They have the quality that would be expected from Andersen® windows and doors at an affordable cost.


We also offer a wide selection of Loewen windows and doors. All Loewen windows and doors are made from West Coast Douglas Fir or Genuine Mahogany. Loewen offers several glazing options: Heat-Smart®, Heat-Smart® X, Heat-Smart® XT, and Tranquility® in order to best match your needs. Each of the Heat-Smart® windows offer various levels of thermal performance and the Tranquility® windows offer a sound reduction system. Loewen prides themselves on making windows that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are reliable.


Mathews Brothers offers a variety of high quality, energy-efficient windows in wood, vinyl and contemporary composite. The manufacturing plant is located in Belfast, Maine and has been in business since 1854. They offer authentic wood windows along with state of the art vinyl, maintaining tradition and progressing with technology at the same time.


Therma-Tru is a tried and true entrance door company supplying steel and fiberglass insulated doors and systems for a variety of uses.


Rogue Valley
Woodgrain Millwork
Wood Harbor


We offer a wide range of Velux skylights for those homeowners looking to add natural lighting into their homes. As the world leader in roof windows and skylights, Velux strives to provide the highest quality windows in order to be the most energy efficient on hot summer days and cold winter nights.

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