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Viking was started in 1944 as “Pine Tree Products” by Judson Flanagan and his brother-in-law, Gene Rich in Belfast, Maine. At this time the business was at the Muck on the corner of Lincolnville Avenue and Miller Street. “Pine Tree Products” operated as a small, short lumber mill producing barrel staves, pallets and box stock. In 1945 “Pine Tree Products” was incorporated as “Viking, Inc.”. As the mill began to expand, in 1949, it was moved to Belmont Avenue across from where McDonalds in Belfast is today. This location provided more room for increased production. Here it operated as a dry kiln planer mill, wholesaling long lumber. In 1961 after a major fire destroyed the majority of the sawmill Jud decided to change the focus from wholesale to retail lumber.

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In 1969 Viking was moved to its present location on Route 1, Searsport Avenue because the Belfast bypass was built where part of the former lumberyard stood. In 1977 Jud asked his eldest son David to move home and join the Viking team. After much thought David decided move back to Maine and learn about the business from his father. Jud semi retired in 1978 when he turned the business over to David. A few years later in 1981, David’s sisters, Erin and Maureen Flanagan decided to move home and join the team as well. David, Erin and Maureen still run the business to this day.

In October of 1987 another fire caused extensive damage to the store. Most of the inventory including hardware and paints along with the telephones, computers and office equipment were lost. Thanks to many dedicated employees and customers who helped, we were able to do business the next day!

In 1992 Viking started to grow when we bought a lumberyard in Vinalhaven, Maine, formerly known as Island Lumber. In 1994 Viking built a lumberyard in Warren, Maine, bought a lumberyard in Lincolnville, Maine and opened a full service sawmill at the Belfast location called “Pine Tree Products”. The sawmill is still running today, which enables us to saw our own timbers. In 2001 we opened a store in Hancock, Maine and Gene Flanagan, brother of David, Erin and Maureen, joined the team becoming the manager for the Lincolnville location. In 2010 Viking opened a new hardscapes yard in Warren, Maine, which offers a wide variety of landscaping materials, in order to expand product offerings for all of our customers. In 2011 we opened 4 new locations throughout Maine; in Blue Hill, Holden, Machias and Milbridge. Today Viking Lumber has 9 lumberyards in Belfast, Blue Hill, Hancock, Holden, Lincolnville, Machias, Milbridge, and Vinalhaven as well as a hardscapes yard in Warren.